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'Pure Bliss' Hooded Blanket

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Soft, velvety finish featuring 'Pure Bliss Artwork' by Carys Bear.

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We are working on utilizing a new pre order method for our clothing.  Clothing orders will be put in once to twice a week, with standard production time being 12 days.  These will be quality inspected and shipped to you immediately upon reception. 

If you are unsure whether or not the piece x size you are interested is available for immediate shipping, after selecting the size, refer to the flashing emoji under the price - it will either say 'In Stock' or 'Pre Order Only'.  Be sure to select the proper size before checking it's availability, as some sizes may not be available for immediate shipping.

This is to ensure nobody misses out on something they might enjoy because of a pre order ending and not having extras available at release.
For *ANY* questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail ''
Thank you so much for your support, much love! <3

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