Crystal Tree Open Blindbag Pre Order
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Crystal Tree Open Blindbag Pre Order

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Full 3d x Soft enamel

Variant features include Glow, UV reactive colors, Glitter; and various special metal types including Copper, Gold, and Anodized.

Pre orders will run until AUGUST 21, 11:59PM PT.
As of now, there are SIX (6) variants that are included in this blind bag pre order, which have had 1-2 AP distributed randomly into previous set purchases.
IF we hit a specific threshold, I will open a hidden variant to be available in the blindbag release.
If you order the total number of variants there are available(whether from Blindbag single purchases or Set purchase), you will receive all of them, with no duplicates.
If you order all but one(or any number under the total number available), I will try my best to avoid dupes, however there is no guarantee there.
If you order the total number of variants available, and then a threshold to unlock another variant is crossed, you will be personally contacted either by email or facebook messenger, letting you know this information.

Some questions Re: LE Press Information
1. What are the LE's?
  • I don't know yet. That will be determined by a few different factors, including but not limited to total number of pins purchased, total number of full sets purchased, and total number of variants released.
2. If I only order one, is there still a chance at me receiving the lowest LE pin?
  • YES. I will be determining the final LE counts to specifically make sure this can happen. For a rough numbers sake - the lowest LE variant will be 25% more than the total number of full sets purchased, meaning there will be a handful minimum to be distributed OUTSIDE of the full set purchases.
3. If I only order one, or if I pay more, can I get the variant I want? What if I'm international and trading just doesn't make sense for me, I feel like we get the shotty end of the stick.
  • I know, and I apologize heavily. I have been wanting to experiment with blindbag releases for a pretty long time now and have always backed down with this being one of the main reasons why. Unfortunately, I can't cater to *everyone* with everything I do, however I am taking steps towards being able to make sure I can host things that make others feel included as well. I hope you understand.

These pins require a meticulous process during production due to them being full 3d and soft enamel; this requires the enamel to be hand laid, individual section by section.  This means that some pins may feature minor discrepancies from the original artwork.  I hand check each pin with two separate lighting systems to ensure the pins are of proper standards of quality.  If, however, you receive a pin that I may have missed during my quality check inspection, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO E-MAIL OR MESSAGE ME ON FACEBOOK/PATREON DIRECTLY. <3 I will fix all issues 100%, I assure you.


 Afterpay is available for this item! Please refer to the 'afterpay' section of our 'FAQ' if using Afterpay on release night!


*****PLEASE NOTE*****
These pins were designed from my original fan art. This is not an official JaGeX product or JaGeX endorsed product. RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with JaGeX Ltd. Consider this Free Advertising.

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