TLC started as a way for the two of us to express ourselves in an artistic manner.  We started producing enamel pins from original creations in the middle of 2015.  Our first video game inspired designs soon followed towards the end of 2015 / beginning of 2016.  

Fast forward to 2020 and we started to shift our focus to a more 'brand' and local artist collective with an aesthetic based on the platform of full inclusivity; whether it be gender, or your lack thereof, race, body size / shape; our goal is to make EVERYONE feel included and LOVED - because you are. <3 

We started designing and producing custom clothing lines from a singular, in-house artist, and are looking to include other 757 local artists to join our family this year.  

We take pride in making sure everyone is completely satisfied, however we are a very small business, so please take that into consideration when placing your orders for clothing etc, as it is very difficult for us to fulfill multiple refunds from a pre order or similar project.  We are striving to change this and this answer won't be a permanent one, however for the time being, we are unable to fulfill refunds on clothing for sizing issues on pieces where sizing charts are provided in the product description.  We also have a buy/sell/trade group for TLC merchandise, don't hesitate to post anything for sale / for trade / or in search of if something is out of stock here, etc.

Thank you for being a part of our family, and thank you endlessly for your support.  It means the world to us. <3 

Much love,




Unfortunately with the Afterpay payment platform, in times of high traffic (such as release nights), there can be a slight lag between this system and the Shopify system's inventory, resulting in an oversell of a design. In these circumstances it is at my discretion to refund the oversold items, as my products are all limited edition and I do not offer to 'remake' any design. While I would hate to not deliver you your happy mail day, please keep in mind due to incorrect communication between a third party service(Afterpay) and Shopify's store itself, it may not always be possible for me to fulfill your order if it was placed after the inventory has already reached 0 before you finish checking out, and a full refund will be issued instead. Thank you for understanding.

Recycling Program:

First and foremost - THANK YOU, for wanting to help better our planet <3

There are currently three (3) different amounts of recycling points you can earn.

  1. Small, single stamped TLC branded boxes, worth 3 points
  2. Print tubes, worth 5 points
  3. Larger, fully printed and TLC branded box, worth 10 points

So what do you do with your boxes? You save them and keep them safe until the end of the year. Around December, I will send out email newsletters, as well as make facebook posts, containing relevant information. 

I understand the disappointment that may come with receiving a smaller box with multiple pins inside instead of a larger box. I use my best judgement and use the size box I feel best suited for your order personally. If you order 1 - 4 smaller pins that come on up to 4 backing cards, you will more than likely be receiving 1-2 smaller boxes in a single mailer - however, ordering a larger quantity of pins would mean using a larger box. The program stems from recycling, so I'm sure you understand that using a larger box for a lower quantity of pins would be wasteful.

Please, make sure all boxes are in good condition. These are being used for recycling purposes, so use your best judgement - would you like to receive the box you're sending in as part of your bundle deal? No rips, tears, stains, holes, crush marks, etc. For print tubes, please make sure they are baring the TLC logo or still has a shipping label created and shipped from TLC. Please only return tubes with no cut marks around the tube openings, no excessive tape use, etc. If you have any questions, please email or message me directly!

Recycle points can be redeemed in a number of ways, all of which will be outlined when the time comes. Some examples of recycling content include, but not limited to, a recycle point store with sold out or unreleased products, a recycle specific pin variant - the tier you receive being dependent on the number of recycle points you have. 

Drop Tokens:

Information regarding drop tokens from myself:

I am currently giving away two types of drop tokens.

The two types are single item drop tokens and full release drop tokens.

There are multiple ways to obtain these tokens.
  1. Helping other members in the community with questions regarding the game or pins in general. (Notably in the facebook group, linked below)
  2. Being the 'top contributor' for a month. Note: Do not spam the group to obtain this, we do pay attention!(Notably in the facebook group, linked below)
  3. Randomly tossed into orders placed on my webstore. I give at least 1 - single drop token out per drop day.(orders placed within 12 hours of release time. 8:15pm to 8:15am of release dates, unless the time is otherwise stated as different).
The names of the tokens are pretty self explanatory.
  • Single item drop tokens can be redeemed for the OG variant of a design I release.
  • Full release drop tokens(MUCH MORE RARE) can be redeemed for a full set of pins of a design that I release.
To redeem drop tokens, please PM me BEFORE a drop(after I have made an announcement post).

Refund / Cancellation / Return:

I do not offer any of these in my shop. Please check your basket before finishing your checkout, as I do not offer returns/cancellations/refunds because of this reason. If a product is damaged, I will definitely take care of it.

Facebook Group:

We have two facebook groups we utilize, one for Space Bear Art and one for Video Game / Runescape related art.
Space Bear: Facebook.com/groups/TLCSpaceStation
Runescape / Video Games: Facebook.com/groups/RunescapePinGE

Contact Us

If you have any issues with anything whatsoever, feel free to contact us at Terry@TLCPins.com and you will be assisted as soon as possible!

If you have any business inquiries, please contact us at Terry@TLCPins.com and you will be assisted as soon as possible!

Thank you!